At KATUSHA we do not build riders.
We empower riders.

For you to get the most along your way to the victory.
For you to face the field, the elements, the others and yourself with belief.
We make no compromise.
Neither should you.

Because we know it’s not just a matter of achievement,
but how you get there.
Because we know it’s harsh, but you just can’t resist it.

We will get you on your bike.
We will make each ride count.
We will remind you why you live to ride.

We are men and women.
We are performers and commuters.
We are all KATUSHA.
We are the next generation of cyclists.


When we feel like chasing new horizons, pushing hard and further.


When we feel like discovering the city, looking for freedom and having sensations.

Our keys

In order to meet and exceed the cycling community’s expectations, KATUSHA is driven by 6 key pillars


For riders by Pro riders.

Hand in hand with Team KATUSHA, we are working hard to deliver the next generation of apparel and accessories, which will strongly empower riders when facing the elements.


Riders perform better.

Through exclusive partnerships with leading worldwide fabric specialists, KATUSHA improves the experience of riders and helps them to perform better, longer.

Pure Style

Simple but edgy.

KATUSHA works hard every day to deliver a style that is as outstanding as the technology behind it. Together with our team of designers, KATUSHA envisions and designs contemporary products.

Attention to details

Focus is key.

Always on the look out for a higher level of excellence, we crave the small details that make a whole outfit feel greatly different. It lies in the pattern, the cut, the tailoring, the technology, the finishing touch. Focus is key.


We make no compromise with perfection.

Steered by a passion for cycling and an obsession with quality, KATUSHA embraces every opportunity to find better solutions, innovations and vendors to achieve a unique level of quality throughout an exclusive selection of fabrics, materials, and accessories.


An ergnomic line as a unique signature.

Because there is nothing more important than feeling good when being challenged, KATUSHA created a unique ergonomic cutting line across the shoulders.

This technology, exclusively designed by KATUSHA, will increase the comfort of riders once on their bike.

For riders
by Pro riders

Hand in hand with Team KATUSHA, we are working hard to deliver the next generation of apparel and gear which will strongly enhance and empower riders once facing the elements on their bikes.

Because it’s not a matter of
victory, but how we get there.

What are you
looking for ?