Community Manager

At KATUSHA, we’re looking towards an action packed 2019 and for that, we need to grow our family of loyal community managers.


The role of our community managers is to be local brand ambassadors, spreading the word of KATUSHA through rides, events and social media.


We would love to hear from you if:

  • You are a passionate, experienced road cyclist with a social spirit
  • You are dedicated to all things bike, but with a fun frame of mind
  • You are actively involved in your local cycling scene and know your way around the social media cycling community
  • You think you can motivate others to get out and ride and you feel comfortable leading group rides
  • You have the time and determination to commit to managing a local KATUSHA community


If most or all of that sounds familiar, please get in touch via We want to know where you’re based and why you think you’d make an awesome KATUSHA community manager. Please also include links to any relevant social media.

What are you
looking for ?