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Ergonomic Line

Because there is nothing more important than feeling good when being challenged, we created a unique ergonomic cutting line across the shoulders. This technology, exclusively designed by KATUSHA, allows for a greater freedom of movement to increase the comfort of riders once in the riding position.

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Because we know that you spend hours on your bike, we have developed a full range of reflective solutions that have been applied to the KATUSHA riding kit.

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The human body is most efficient and effective when working at it’s core temperature of 37.5°C. When riding, the body’s core temperature rises due to cardiovascular activity or hot weather. Energy output will therefore be prioritised on the body’s natural cooling system, rather than delivering power to muscles, affecting performance on the bike.

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Results from a recent scientific study show that due to it’s ability to better maintain the body’s ideal core temperature, 37.5® technology, a revolutionary step forward in technical fabric:

  • Extends an athlete's performance at their lactate threshold.
  • Increases efficiency - an athlete uses less energy to do the same amount of work.
  • Lowers core temperature during exercise and decreases the rate of core temperature build up.


KATUSHA, in collaboration with Team KATUSHA ALPECIN pro riders has developed the most performing AERO kit.

Fabrics selection and placement have been tested in a wind tunnel and on the track to provide the fastest rider kit.

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Key elements

The key elements of the KATUSHA AERO technology:

  • Engineered rough surface of the fabric to be used in the point of delamination of the air flow.
  • Smooth surface of the fabric, with linear stripes to be used where the air has to glide better.
  • Very stretchable fabric with a good compression to reduce the wrinkles on garments and to assure «no flapping» even at high speeds.
  • No compromise in term of comfort, breathability and thermal regulation to guarantee comfort of the rider in all conditions.


Our rain jacket is built with C-change™, the new membrane technology from Schoeller® that reacts to changing temperatures and activities. At high levels of activity, the C-change™ membrane opens, allowing excess heat to escape. During rest periods, the membrane contracts and retains the heat close to the body. An ideal body climate is consequently ensured.

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WB-400 softshell

For winter training, we select the elastic wind and water repellent Schoeller® WB-400 softshell fabric to guarantee effective weather protection and maximum freedom of movement.

You reach an optimum comfort zone. Your riding experience is improved in a wide range of situations, activity levels, and temperature fluctuations.

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TM Evo

We have designed the EVO with the TMirror project - it is the same concept of a normal cycling short pad, but instead the components are on the bottom, allowing for a flat surface next to your body. Built with HT90 (lateral flaps, shaped 90 degrees) and inserts created with the VFC system, this innovative solution has more volume in the foam, but with the advantage of feeling less bulky.

Tested by a range of professional and amateur athletes, the EVO pad meets the demands of riders of all types of stroke, position and time spent on the saddle.

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TM Armadillo

Similar to the EVO, we have designed the ARMADILLO with the TMirror project to allow for a flat surface next to your body.

It is built with HT90 (lateral flaps, shaped 90 degrees) and insert foam made with a special pressed line system that is designed in various levels and heights to facilitate the movements of torsion, inclination and compression/extension.

Tested by a range of professional and amateur athletes, the ARMADILLO pad is extremely flexible and lightweight.

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