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the blog

is our

However, we envision something bigger, all encompassing; a true reflection of the culture of riding road bikes.

Cruising the cobbles, ripping up the road, the guys in red look cool, go fast and are all about winning in style. Performance meets fun. You don’t have a hope in hell of keeping up but you are part of the family.

A roadside stop to forget the sweat and pain for a moment and appreciate a different side to cycling. Take a sip, sit back… compare bikes and latest Strava segments… let the caffeine hit, and savour the joy of being a cyclist.

There are the places you ride, and there are the places you dream of riding… we bring you the latter, combining unforgettable riding scenes and spectacular locations with all the perks enjoyed by our Pro team. You may not keep up with Tony Martin, but you’ll be a part of our team regardless.