ICON Bib Shorts Peacoat Blue / White

ICON Bib Shorts Peacoat Blue / White


The ICON Redefined. Featuring new ergonomic line technology working in synergy with TM Evo 3D Pad, stronger yet lighter fabric construction, and 3D Body Fit bib design, the ICON Bib Shorts set a new benchmark in all-day comfort.


The ICON Redefined. Featuring new ergonomic line technology working in synergy with TM Evo 3D Pad, stronger yet lighter fabric construction, and 3D Body Fit bib design, the ICON Bib Shorts set a new benchmark in all-day comfort.


Evo 3D Pad

To complement the new shaping of the ICON Bib Shorts we have developed our proprietary Evo 3D Pad. Front section of the pad features 3D construction which allows for increased volume and improved comfort while extremely soft and eco friendly E-go fabric next to the skin enhances the overall feel.

The Evo 3D Pad has been created using TMirror project which creates a smooth surface next to your skin to eliminate chafing and ensure all-day comfort. Updated middle layer of the pad features cellpur eco friendly foam which ensures excellent moisture management, vibration dumping and faster decomposition times at the end of the product life cycle.


E-go Biodegradable Fabric

Featured in the next-to-skin layer of our Evo 3D Pad, the e-go fabric is biodegradable, extremely soft, highly breathable and easy to care for. It is made with Amni Soul Eco, a next-generation yarn created via a process which conforms to eco-friendly principles.

Like other biodegradable materials e-go quickly decomposes in anaerobic landfill, to become organic matter (biomass) and biogas, while similar virgin synthetic fabric can take decades to decompose.


Cellpur Eco-Friendly Foam

Mid layer of the Evo 3D Pad is built from Cellpur, the first eco-friendly comfort foam containing Tencel, a cellulosic fibre produced from sustainably sourced wood using an environmentally friendly process.

The Tencel fibers, which are integrated into cellpur in the form of particles can absorb up to 70 percent of their weight in moisture. This moisture is temporarily trapped within the particles, making it unavailable to the environment.

After use, the stored moisture is quickly released, and Cellpur is immediately ready to absorb moisture again, optimising comfort and hygiene.


Ergonomic Line Technology

Ergonomic Line Technology in our bib shorts has been developed to achieve two goals: increase the volume of the cup at the front and minimise the folding effect on the sides of the hips during the activity.

Through the strategic cutting of the fabric we were able to develop an optimum shape of the short which substantially enhances comfort for male genitalia and virtually eliminates folding of the fabric around the hips.


3D Body Fit Bib Construction

3D Body Fit Bib design follows the natural lines of rider's physique and conforms to a variety of upper body shapes and sizes to eliminate pressure points, create uniform feel and ensure optimum comfort during long days in the saddle. 


37.5 Thermoregulation Technology

The 37.5 Thermoregulation Technology helps to maintain your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and keep the micro-climate next to your skin at the ideal relative humidity of 37.5%.

It's scientifically proven to increase stamina by reducing the amount of energy used to manage core temperature and improve efficiency so you use less energy to do the same amount of work.

It triggers off of humidity which is the gauge of whether you're hot or cold. When you're hot, the active volcanic sand particles embedded into the material use your body's energy to remove moisture and cool you down. When you're cold, the active particles retain body's energy to warm you up.

37.5 particles also trap odour molecules and then release them when they're washed and dried. Also, because those particles are permanently embedded in the fibre, they will last the lifetime of the garment.


37.5 active particles increase performance and comfort

37.5 technology helps to warm you up when you're cold and cool you down when you're warm

37.5 technology helps you maintain a comfortable personal microclimate relative humidity of 37.5%

37.5 technology removes sweat in the vapour stage before liquid sweat forms

37.5 active particles are derived from nature

37.5 technology traps odours and then releases them when washed and dried

37.5 technology works for the entire life of the garment/clothing



  • Ergonomic Line Technology.
  • 37.5® superlight mesh on the lower front and upper center back.
  • Elasticated mesh straps.
  • 3D body fit bib construction.
  • Durable linear structured knit fabric on the legs.
  • TM EVO 3D pad.
  • Recycled Material in the pad's mid layer.
  • Wide elasticated band on the legs.
  • Stretch round stitching.
  • Reflective branding.
  • Designed in Switzerland.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Composition: Fab1: 71% PA, 29% EL, Fab2: 88% PES, 22% EL

Size Chart

XS: 24cm
S: 25cm
M: 26cm
L: 27cm
XL: 28cm
XXL: 29cm



"Having used these bib shorts to scale Mount Teide, the imposing volcano climb of Tenerife, I feel like it has found this balance. The cushioning was never found wanting across the hour or so of climbing while I never found the bulk to become an uncomfortable issue. The chamois felt premium when I was climbing, as KC had promised."

Joe Robinson, Cyclist Magazine

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ICON Bib Shorts - Peacoat Blue / White

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