ICON Bib Shorts 2018 Black Blue

ICON Bib Shorts 2018 Black Blue

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Body hugging and flexible, for maximum comfort and range of movement on even the longest rides.


Body hugging and flexible, for maximum comfort and range of movement on even the longest rides.


TM Evo Pad

Developed with a plethora of cutting edge technologies, the TM Evo pad ensures exceptional breathability, road vibrations damping, smooth and extremely soft surface next to your skin, and features the construction that follows the natural movement of the rider, for all-day comfort. 


TMirror Project

TMirror project in cycling pads has been developed to provide the rider with extremely smooth and comfortable layer next to the skin. It's been achieved by re-development of the pad's construction and placing all components at the bottom to maintain optimum comfort and moisture management.


AirPlus Fabric

Top layer of the TM Evo pad features the Air Plus, an advanced microfibre fabric, which delivers superior technical and sensory performance. Created in collaboration with Eschler, the Air Plus fabric provides excellent moisture management, exceptional softness against the skin and superb comfort.


3D Body Fit Design

3D Body Fit Bib design follows the natural lines of rider's physique and conforms to a variety of upper body shapes and sizes to eliminate pressure points, create uniform feel and ensure optimum comfort in the riding position.


37.5 Thermoregulation Technology

The 37.5 Thermoregulation Technology helps to maintain your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and keep the micro-climate next to your skin at the ideal relative humidity of 37.5%. It's scientifically proven to increase stamina by reducing the amount of energy used to manage core temperature and improve efficiency so you use less energy to do the same amount of work.

It triggers off of humidity which is the gauge of whether you're hot or cold. When you're hot, the active volcanic sand particles embedded into the material use your body's energy to remove moisture and cool you down. When you're cold, the active particles retain body's energy to warm you up.

37.5 particles also trap odour molecules and then release them when they're washed and dried. Also, because those particles are permanently embedded in the fibre, they will last the lifetime of the garment.


37.5 active particles increase performance and comfort

37.5 technology helps to warm you up when you're cold and cool you down when you're warm

37.5 technology helps you maintain a comfortable personal microclimate relative humidity of 37.5%

37.5 technology removes sweat in the vapour stage before liquid sweat forms

37.5 active particles are derived from nature

37.5 technology traps odours and then releases them when washed and dried

37.5 technology works for the entire life of the garment/clothing



  • 37.5® superlight mesh on the lower front and upper center back.
  • 3D body fit suspenders.
  • Linear structured knit fabric on the legs.
  • TM Evo pad with 3D shape and poron inserts.
  • Wide elasticated band on the legs Strech round stitch for extra give.
  • Reflective branding on the back.
  • Designed in Switzerland.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Composition: Fabric 1: 74% Polyamide, 26% Elastane Fabric 2: 80% Polyester, 20% Elastane

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Katusha ICON Cycling Bib Shorts - Black Blue

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